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W2M designs and builds dry anaerobic digestion plants (DRY) for FORSU treatment


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Waste to Methane Srl, takes off when a group of young engineers and professionals join their forces to plan and build the first biodigestor in Italy for the production of biomethane for vehicle fuelling (2018), with the mission of reproducing the plant already completed. The innovative start-up, earns immediately a predominant role amongst Plants producers, thanks to the new technology «Superdry Italian Management System», result of a two years research and development project, which has seen involved Calabra Maceri e Servizi S.p.A. and the Department of Enviromental and Chemical Engineering of the Calabria University. Waste to Methane Srl, has been awarded noticeable aknowledgments, amongst which the “Premio Impresa Ambiente 2020”, for the best Process/Technology, the highest recognition in Italy for pubblic and private enterprises, which have shown positive attitude to sustainable development, enviroment awareness, and Corporate responsability. The same technology has allowe the tender company to be awarded of important aknoledgments such as the “Prize Foundation for the sustainable Development” in the sector Circular Economy 2019 and “Premio Confindustria Salerno “Best Practices per l’Innovazione” 2019. Today Waste to Methane Srl is to be considered one of the top players in the field of Plant producers, for the reliability and efficiency of its existing plants and the fast growing number of biodigestion plant in construction.


The process: Super Dry Italian Management System - SIMS.

Waste to Methane Srl offers

a process technology entirely developed by our technical team, which is the core of our biodigestion plants: SIMS

SIMS is a dry process

in which solids concentration, generally ranges between 25% and 35%, and does not need any dilution.

Waste to Methane S.r.l.

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