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Biomethane injected in the grid sm3/a

Waste to Methane relies on a team of experts which look after the entire productive process, from filling the lycence requirements to planning, building and setting off the plant.

Waste to Methane is engaged in planning and building an anaerobic biodigestion plant, based on a “dry” technology,and a composting section for treating the “digestate” (output of the biodigestor), and green waste. The plant will be capable of treating about 55.000 ton/annum divided into 38.000 t/a of organic waste and 17.000 t/a of green waste.
Thanks to the digestion process, the plants will allow an output of 3,3 million smc (Standard cubic metres) of biomethane to inject in the national gas grid. Moreover, the composting and maturing process to which, both digestate and green waste will undergo, will result into 12.500 ton/annum of quality compost.
In this project, Waste to Methane works alongside SGR (Società Gas Rimini), impressive private company based in Rimini in the field of gas and energy distribution, in the construction of the plant, which will be located on a plot owned by AREA IMPIANTI SpA beside the Polo Crispa, beyond the Collettore Acque Alte, of the borough of Copparo, and will  occupy a surface of about 5 hectares.
Waste to Methane

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