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Waste to Methane is the spin off of a reasearch and developmente project which has involved the collaboration of waste treatment experts and plant engineering professionals, in the building the first refinery for biomethane for vehicle fuelling production, in the centre-south of Italy

Fertilis, is a company from Lamezia Terme (CZ), set up to replicate the anaerobic biodigestion plant and the composting section of Calabra Maceri in Rende(CS). After completing the planning phase, to submit to the competent authorities, in order to be granted authorization to build, Waste to Methane Srl, has began the executive planning and building in 2020, of its second plant: an anaerobic digestor capable of treating  50000 ton/annum of organic waste, and a composting plant for treating the outcome of the biodigestion process, alongside green garden waste, and producing soil amender for the biological agricolture.

The Fertilis plant, is positioned in an industrial site fully infrastructured, in the centre of Calabria, in a location highly deficient in organic waste treatment plants, and at the same time with a florid agricoltural activity, which will ensure the local distribution  of the soil amender produced, at “0”Km, with noticeable enviromental  benefits.

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Waste To Methane

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