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Waste to Methane proposes a circular development model for the valorization of Organic Waste from Urban Solid Waste, through energetic, hydric and productive efficiency, based on a new paradign of sustainibility, innovation and competitivity, in a scenery in which, waste is perceived as a valuable resource, rather than a problem

The operation being carried out in Verona, involves the technical updating, revamping and upgrading of mechanical and biological treatment sections of the plant facility of Ca' del Bue, rearranging into an anaerobic digestion plant for biomethane production and digestate destined to dedicated plants for soil amenders production.
The reasons behind this operation, are the following:
a)    Treatment and valorization of organic waste coming from sorted urban collection, local agricoltural waste, local vegetable waste;
b)    Valorization of green and organic waste not only for their energetic value (energy production), but for quality soil amenders production and biomethane production from biogas to inject in the grid;
c)    The construction of a modern plant  which can support and facilitate composting plants from Verona and surrounding area, to guarantee and complete the organic waste treatment cycle for the whole area.
Such operation is needed to pursue a virtuous and efficient recycling of all waste delivered to Ca' del Bue on the basis of the indications contained in regional, national and european environmental directives.
The benefit of revamping “Ca' del Bue” is not just technical and procedural, but mostly for the energetic, enviromental and industrial growth policies.

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