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Through clever planning, Waste to Methane, offers highly reliable and productive plants, taking up a strategic and primary role in an energetic transition truly focused on a sustainable development

The organic waste treatment plant based in Reggio Emilia, for the production of compost and biomethane, is located in via Caduti del muro di Berlino SP113 in località Gavassa (RE).
The plant features an anaerobic digestion section for the valorisation of the energy contained in the organic waste, through the production of biogas ( a  mix of methane and carbon dioxide) and subsequent upgrading to  biomethane and  CO2 recovery, which can receive the input of 100'000 t/a of organic waste from urban sorted collection, and  67'000 t/a of wood cellulose vegetable waste, from which is obtained a further byproduct: a soil amender, fertilizer usable in traditional and biological agricolture, integral part of the rural development plans, and the creation of a regional “quality seal” for the soil amender, which would improve its diffusion on the market in referral to the “green public procurement”.

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